Munch & Learn Webinar: "Cybersecurity Starts at the Top"

How to implement a cybersecurity strategy

Get instant access to our on-demand replay of “Cybersecurity Starts at the Top" for a step-by-step guide to implementing a cybersecurity program. From picking a framework, to implementing a full cybersecurity program - we take you through the entire process.

Meet your hosts:

Andy CircleAndy Grigorenko

Andy Grigorenko is the Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance at INVAR Technologies. He has helped companies of all sizes align their cybersecurity goals with today's best practices and regulatory environments. Every company's needs are unique, and Andy is an expert in creating and implementing bespoke cybersecurity programs that fit each clients' requirements and budget.

Jeff CircleJeff Miller

Jeff Miller is a unique blend of engineer, teacher, and evangelist of all things cybersecurity. His roots in cybersecurity stem from his engineering degree and tenure at the nation's second largest law firm, where he regularly defended against ransomware, the hacktivist group Anonymous, distributed denial of service attacks, and various other threats. Jeff spends much of his time educating organizations on how to adhere to both security regulations and best practices around cybersecurity. Jeff lives, breathes, and bleeds cybersecurity. It’s not just what he does; it’s who he is.



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