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Over the last week, we’ve helped over 1,000 employees move to the cloud and make the transition to remote working.

A message from Vadim, CEO of INVAR Technologies

Have you made the transition to remote working? 

Getting the right systems and software in place for your entire company and workforce to work remotely is challenging at the best of times. Whether you’re figuring out how to run Zoom calls or protecting sensitive documents in to the Cloud, there’s a lot to consider.

Current circumstances are challenging enough. You don’t also need to deal with a loss in productivity, data breaches or poor team morale.

Creating a positive, supportive remote working environment requires holistic, comprehensive support. When working from home, employees need to understand company-wide best practices while senior executives need to focus on scaling up the company’s technology and culture.

Work from Home Use Cases


Remote Working for Healthcare

Do you have the capacity to see patients remotely?

Now more than ever, your urgent care facility or medical practice must continue seeing patients and support a wide range of health care needs. A telehealth teleworking environment minimizes COVID-19 risks and stops the spread while still helping patients.

We can help you set-up a health teleworking environment so you can have online calls with patients and staff can access electronic medical records (EMR) systems and communicate within the practice. A telehealth system allows you to continue operating as normal as possible for as long as possible.

Watch our 2-minute video about our work in the Healthcare industry


Remote Working for Financial Services

Is your private equity firm conducting deals remotely?

As businesses across the globe face hardships, private equity firms must remain open so they can provide loans and funding advice. After all, these loans could make a significant difference to businesses struggling in the current environment. 

Private equity firms need to have the capability to work remotely, conduct deal analysis and do deals during this crisis.


Cyber Security Best Practices

Do you know how to stay safe when working remotely?

Moving to the cloud safely and securely is challenging for any company, especially traditionally office-based ones.

Employees must understand cybersecurity practices when remote working and it’s essential to uphold your office culture. You still need to have team meetings, collaborate on client projects and remain vigilant against cybersecurity threats.

With the right cybersecurity solution, you can continue business as usual.

Our Remote Working Partners

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Standard-Teal_JPG_WEB_RGrameen America Case Study

How We Quickly Expanded Grameen America’s Remote Working Environment

When financial institution Grameen America first approached us, they needed to quickly expand their remote working environment.

They needed a remote working solution that would allow employees to connect to the company’s network from different locations and communicate from home using different types of computers.

We started by analyzing their digital landscape to find a solution that would allow them to process personally identifiable information remotely, maintain team morale and uphold productivity levels.

Based on our digital analysis, we proposed a solution for moving over 100 people to remote working within a very short timeframe. Our remote working solution used a wide range of software, including Microsoft teams and two-factor authentication. We also implemented a password management solution to make it easier for employees to remember passwords.

With our help, Grameen America has continued to conduct business as usual and remain at a 100% operational level.


“We have a really good relationship with INVAR Technologies. They have taken a huge weight off of our minds. INVAR is worlds apart from our previous MSP provider.”

Marcus Berkowitz, VP, Technology & Innovation, Grameen America

Our 8-Step Process to Quickly & Efficiently Implement

Remote Working Packages