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July 01, 2019 Sarah Challis Articles

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Why you should have a cybersecurity policy in place right now

Download the free cybersecurity policy template here. Updated for 2019.

A cyber attack could greatly damage your company’s finances and reputation, so IT security needs to be a top priority. With cyber-criminals continually developing their tactics to get around your security systems, it’s more important than ever to stay one step ahead.

A cybersecurity policy is the foundation of your cybersecurity strategy. Without a policy in place, your business may be exposed to external threats and potential legal issues.

The other major advantage of having a written cybersecurity policy in place is that your staff will be clear on what they should and should not do. Employees are normally the weakest link when it comes to security breaches and sadly, the majority of breaches involve internal users, usually because an employee was not aware of a certain defense mechanism that was in place.

A cybersecurity policy also ensures that you are compliant with the latest regulations. There are three key regulations currently being enforced in New York: NYDFS, NIST and DFARS. These regulations govern financial services, manufacturing and the Department of Defence contractors. The law is in place to make sure that companies are defending themselves against cyber-criminals and that consumers are protected against threats to their sensitive information.

Every business is under threat from a cyber-attack and having a policy in place is crucial. Save yourself a future headache and start writing your cybersecurity policy now:

The Cybersecurity Policy - What you need to know

The cybersecurity policy should be based on your risk assessment and address the following areas, applicable to your company's operations:

  • Information security
  • Data governance and classification
  • Asset inventory and device management
  • Access controls and identity management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and resources
  • Systems operations and availability concerns
  • Systems and network security
  • Systems and network monitoring
  • Systems and application development and quality assurance
  • Physical security and environmental controls
  • Customer data privacy
  • Vendor and Third Party Service Provider management
  • Risk assessment
  • Incident response

The policy can either be separated into different documents or can be built into one comprehensive policy that covers the entire organization. You might consider writing separate policies initially and then combining them into one master policy.

Starting a policy from scratch is a tough task, so to make things easier we’ve put together a free cybersecurity policy template that you can download here. The Written Information Security Policy (WISP) sets forth a procedure for evaluating and addressing electronic and physical methods of accessing, collecting, storing, using, transmitting, and protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive company information.

Our free cybersecurity policy template will give you a good starting point to develop your own cybersecurity policy to make sure your company is safeguarded against cyber threats.

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