The Best Password Apps Available Today

November 05, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles

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With the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks posing a danger to all internet users, having strong passwords for all of your online accounts is crucial to staying safe. However, it’s increasingly difficult to create unique, long, or complex passwords for each online account and still remember them.

Do you use just one password for all of your accounts?

While this may make things easier - One password can leave you extremely exposed. If an attacker manages to hack your password, they could use it on your other accounts and access all of your personal data which could then be used for malicious purposes.

Why opt for a password manager tool?

With a password manager, all these troubles are as good as over. Password managers let you store, manage, and even generate new, stronger passwords for your accounts. All you have to remember is one master password for logging into the password manager, and the password manager will remember all of the other log-in information (both usernames and passwords). And don’t worry if you are on a budget, some of the best password apps available today have free versions.

What to look for in a password management app

Consider the following aspects when looking for the best password app;

  • Is the app available on both mobile and desktop platforms?
  • Is it easy to save log-in information with the app as you are browsing the web?
  • Can you easily search and deploy this log-in information on the web?
  • Is it easy to sort and organize your information with the app?
  • Does the app have a friendly and easy to operate user interface?
  • Does the app allow you to keep your security up-to-date? Does it enable you to assess the strength of your passwords and change them regularly?
  • Does the app use top-of-the-range encryption protocols to ensure that your sensitive log-in information is safe and secure?

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Here is our list of the top 5 password apps available today;

  1. LastPass

The LastPass password manager offers both a free and premium version. Both versions are great as they allow you to generate and store an unlimited number of account logins in their secure vaults. They also complete online forms for you automatically and can use multi-factor verification. The premium version, however, offers more by allowing syncing across multiple devices, storing passwords for desktop programs, and enabling you to share secure files with other people. This version costs just $24 a year.

The app is also exceptional when it comes to generating strong, unique and un-guessable passwords for your accounts.

  1. DashLane

DashLane is LastPass’ most fierce rival. It also has free and premium versions, both offering outstanding features with excellent security to your login information. It has one killer feature that truly sets it apart. You can reset all your passwords at once, saving you any worries in case of a major data breach. The app is also very well-designed, user-friendly, and one of the best in filling personal information and online forms.

The premium version of DashLane will cost $39.99 per year, but the free version has all the basics you need in a password management tool.

  1. mSecure

mSecure is another great password management app. Available both on desktop and mobile platforms; this tool has enhanced intelligent syncing that enables you to stay connected wherever you are. It allows you to automatically log-in to apps and websites both on iOS and Android. The app also guarantees its user's impenetrable security and is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to easily add, manage, and organize your log-in information.

Additionally, the app allows you to share data securely with other people through email, SMS or Clipboard.

  1. StickyPassword

Developed by the team behind the AVG antivirus, you can rest assured that security is the top priority for StickyPassword. This password manager also has a free and premium version like the other apps listed above; both offering secure password generation services when you are registering new accounts online. The premium version offers backup and cloud syncing services and will cost you $29.99 a year if you opt for it. The app also has a unique lifetime license going for $149.99, an option you will not find with any other premium password manager.

StickyPassword supports fingerprint authentication on mobile, can be carried via USB, and can easily sync with local devices using Wi-Fi.

  1. 1Password

1Password was initially only available for Mac but later developed versions for Windows and Android. The app is quick, well designed and with a very friendly user interface. It offers you the ability to autofill logins, passwords, and even credit card information on your accounts across the web; making it quick and safe particularly for online shopping. 1Password also provides solid security to your log-in information and you can easily generate strong passwords with the app on every site you visit.

The app also offers fingerprint authentication on mobile devices and allows information sharing across devices. 1Password is free to install but it costs $9.99 to unlock some additional features.

All in all, the choice for which best password app to download the ones mentioned above rests in your hands. With the free options available, you can try two or three of them first before deciding on which one to settle with.

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