4 Secrets to Successful Managed IT Services

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As technology plays an increasingly important role in modern business, companies are increasingly turning towards managed IT services as a way to safely scale computing systems and keep pace with competitors.

Research shows that 45% of companies intend to partner with a managed IT service provider in the near future. 

Whether it’s seeking diagnostic support for software issues or wanting hands-on advice for hardware upgrades, managed IT services can provide many benefits to in-house teams.

Join us as we explore the five key reasons to outsource your managed IT support and how to go about choosing a service provider for scaling your computing systems with maximum impact and minimum cost.

What is IT Service Management?

Most simply defined, IT Service Management provides comprehensive support by taking into account a company’s entire IT ecosystem, including internal policies, structures and procedures.

Instead of building in-house teams, companies use managed IT service providers’ expertise to create an affordable, scalable solution for delivering and controlling their IT services. This, in turn, reduces the costs of recruiting and training your own IT personnel as well as investing in costly hardware.

The best managed IT service providers will work hard to build relationships with their clients to deliver a centralised, systematic way for achieving a company’s broader, long-term goals.

Why Should You Outsource IT Service Management?

While many service providers claim to offer cost-effective managed IT services, very few can guarantee the level of efficiency, speed, quality, and value as the leading providers in the game.

We’ve identified five best practices all managed IT services should follow to give customers the tools they need to scale their IT networks.

1. Cost Savings with Predictable Support

One of the biggest reasons for outsourcing your IT service is to cut costs while still maintaining high standards.

Managed IT service providers should actively look for ways to protect your data and keep your business running at full tilt. When you consider the risk factors of not having IT support in place, like data losses, managed IT providers could save you as much as $7,500.

Any savvy business owner who’s chosen to outsource their IT support will also want to know how their money is being spent. Well managed IT service providers will not only offer unwavering quality, but they’ll also provide transparent pricing.

When customers outsource their IT function to INVAR technologies, they can wave goodbye to unexpected surcharges or out of control invoices. Our fair and transparent pricing helps customers manage their IT costs and gives them complete control of how they spend their money.

2. Preventing Downtime

Unexpected downtimes can severely impact your productivity, service standards and ability to meet customer deadlines.

Yet, SMBs either don’t have a disaster recovery plan or rarely test it with 58% claim they only check their recovery plan once a year while 33% have never tested it.

Without a plan in place, it’s challenging to get back up and running after a cyberattack, natural disaster or other unforeseen events. And, the longer it takes you to resume service, the more money you could be losing.

Some studies suggest that a single hour of downtime can cost as much as $10,000 or more. 

Managed IT support ensures this doesn’t happen by putting a fool-proof plan in place to prevent downtime and help you resume service should the worst happen.

Managed IT Service Provider

3. Efficiency at its Finest

Well managed IT service providers go above and beyond to identify ways to increase your internal efficiency. 

No more adding individual workstations on the fly, transferring files manually or sharing passwords. Furthermore, research shows that tech tools slow down or impact efficiency at more than 55% of SMB companies.

Managed IT providers look at the entire infrastructure to find ways to increase your productivity, eliminate any bottlenecks and teach you how to use your systems. So, you can get back to focusing on growing your business and leave the complicated IT stuff to the professionals.

4. Proactively Fighting Cybercrime

As companies become increasingly connected on the Internet, they’re chances of suffering a cyberattack increase. Data breaches can severely impact your reputation, ability to operate as usual and even your bottom line.

Last year, over 260 million records containing sensitive information were compromised during Q1. And this problem is only likely to increase, especially without the right safeguards.

Managed IT service providers offer one of the best ways of protecting your business against this growing threat. 

A good managed IT service provider will evaluate your current system to find areas of weakness, where cybercriminals could gain access to your system or sensitive details. 

They’ll then take proactive measures to make sure you have the best defences available — significantly reducing your chances of a cyberattack.

Scale Your IT Function Today

Managed IT services give businesses access to trusted IT experts and resources to protect their company against cyberattacks, prevent downtime and even cut costs. 

But, finding the best managed IT service provider for your company is no easy task.

You want to find a provider who can help you scale your IT functions while keeping costs low and delivering increased efficiency. You also want a service provider who uses a customer-oriented approach to understand your individual needs and deliver unrivalled value for money.

Download our MSP Checklist to take the first step towards identifying the perfect managed IT service provider for you.

Managed IT Service Provider

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