6 Strategies for Cloud Computing Efficiency

August 29, 2019 Sarah Challis Articles, Cloud VoIP

There are so many advantages to switching to cloud computing. Moving to the cloud increases efficiency, reduces technology costs and allows scalability, no matter the size of your business. Cloud computing also allows you to optimize operational resources giving you an ...

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How Can IT Automation Save Your Business Money?

March 05, 2019 Sarah Challis Articles

There has been massive growth in the number of IT automation tools in the past few years and the benefits are compelling; automation improves efficiency, productivity and output while reducing cost, risk and inconsistency. Automation also cuts down on repetitive tasks and ...

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Download Your Free Cybersecurity Policy Template

February 01, 2019 Sarah Challis Articles

Why you should have a cybersecurity policy in place right now

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How to Implement a Cloud VoIP System: 8 Steps to Success

November 07, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles, VoIP, Cloud VoIP

A cloud VoIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a phone service that runs online. Having a cloud set-up allows your employees to use all of the features from wherever they have internet access, whether in the office or not. When a VoIP phone system is designed and ...

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INVAR Technologies Achieves Platinum Level Partner Status with 8x8

June 13, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles


INVAR Technologies, a local cloud-first managed service provider has been awarded platinum level partner status by global cloud communications leader, 8x8.

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GDPR and IT: What the regulation means for you

April 24, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles

In the past few months, you may have heard a lot about GDPR and how it affects US companies. The regulation is designed to protect EU citizens, which means if you have employees, customers or you outsource data within the EU, it applies to you. Even if your business is ...

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Firewall Security Best Practice: How to Keep Your Business Safe 

March 12, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles

You have probably heard of firewall security, in fact, you may already have a firewall management program in place. But are you confident that your firewall is effectively protecting you against the wrong kind of traffic?

What is a firewall?

A robust firewall is the first ...

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Essential Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies

February 05, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles

Do cybersecurity concerns keep you up at night?

You're not alone. All financial institutions in New York and around the world are now facing a more sophisticated cyber threat landscape. As hackers continue to improve their skills and gain access to more advanced tools, the ...

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How to Budget for Cybersecurity Prevention

January 08, 2018 Sarah Challis Articles

How should you budget for cybersecurity prevention in 2018? As the security threat landscape continues to become more and more sophisticated, your business needs to protect itself against a wider range of vulnerabilities.

This year’s attacks are projected to be far more ...

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Security Incident Response Plan - Get Your Free Template Download

November 28, 2017 Sarah Challis Articles

How to make sure you comply with the new NYDFS cybersecurity regulations

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